Who we are

Travel Fever Tours is owned by Cicely Carroll and Bob Lawson.

Travel Fever Tours is owned by Cicely Carroll and Bob Lawson.

We have been married and traveling the world together for many years. Together or separately, we have lived and worked in Europe for 10 years, including Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. We have also traveled for leisure or business to an additional 40 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Wherever we’ve lived, we’ve always had a steady stream of visitors. Slowly we realized that we didn’t just live in attractive places.  We had grown adept at giving our visitors an insider’s view of the place they were visiting. They would have great trips because we were such great guides.

And now we offer the same insider’s view to participants in our small-group, educational tours.

Here is more about us: 


Cicely Carroll

Cicely is a clinical therapist by training who worked in private practice for many years. She also holds a degree in fine arts and has enjoyed working in pastels wherever she travels.  Cicely is an avid birder and reader.


Bob Lawson

Bob worked for years in the online travel field, managing internet companies that deliver reservations to hotels and restaurants. He now consults with nonprofit organizations in technology and communications. In addition to being an amateur birder, Bob hikes and bikes and enjoys exploring every corner of the world.