Spring Bird Migration
Spain 2018

In April 2018, Travel Fever Tours brought a group of birders to view the spring migration of birds from Africa into Europe over the Straights of Gibraltar and up the western coast of Andalucia.

The first half of the tour was based in the town of El Rocio, just beside Donana National Park, where the group visited the varied ecosystems in the vicinity of the part, while also traveling to the Sierra del Norte, north of Seville.

The second half of the trip was based near Tarifa where the group observed raptors coming across the Straights of Gibraltar, while also visiting La Janda and other birding areas.

In all, the group saw over 150 species, as documented On This List.

Travel Fever Tours will again lead a birding tour to Spain in 2019, from April 5 to 14. The 2019 will be expanded to also include time in Extremadura, further north in Spain, along the Portuguese border. Find Out More.

The photos, below, tell more of about the the trip.